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No, you don’t need to move to a shack in the He­brides. Yes, you should ditch the morn­ing latte. ‘The an­cient Stoic philoso­pher Seneca sug­gested that we ought to set aside a cer­tain num­ber of days each month to prac­tise poverty,’ says Ryan Hol­i­day, a mar­ket­ing ex­pert and au­thor. ‘Take a lit­tle food, wear your worst clothes, get away from your usual com­forts. Put your­self face to face with want, and ask, “Is this what I used to dread?”’ Try a week of worst-cas­esce­nario liv­ing: no cin­ema, no gym, no in­ter­net. It won’t be as bad as you think, and will teach you where you can cut back while all is well.

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