Em­brace chaos to grow leaner, stronger and bet­ter pre­pared for ev­ery­day life

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Life can be chaotic at times so it fol­lows you should train chaot­i­cally to pre­pare. Bor­row­ing the prin­ci­ple from Ed­ward Lorenz, the fa­ther of math­e­mat­i­cal chaos the­ory, chaos train­ing ex­poses elite ath­letes to the ran­dom forces they may en­counter in com­pe­ti­tion.

‘While you may not train for pro­fes­sional sport, the abil­ity to deal with the ran­dom na­ture of life – from sprint­ing for a bus to haul­ing a TV up­stairs – should be a pri­mary goal of how you ex­er­cise,’ says David Lewis of Em­body Fit­ness (em­body­fit­, who de­vised this plan. ‘These


There are two pro­grammes, both one-week plans with three full-body work­outs. Week 1 works ba­sic move­ment pat­terns that are es­sen­tial to master be­fore you move on to Week 2, which in­cludes dy­namic lifts that ex­pose your body to non-lin­ear forces and de­velop real-world strength. work­outs will throw an ar­ray of mul­ti­di­rec­tional forces on your body to de­velop a well-rounded, bal­anced physique, while keep­ing your mus­cles guess­ing so they keep on grow­ing.’

Lorenz, a keen climber and cross-coun­try skier, would al­most cer­tainly ap­prove.


All the work­outs are made up of a mix­ture of whole­body com­pound lifts, uni­lat­eral moves and ex­plo­sive move­ments. Have at least one rest day be­tween each work­out, se­lect a weight that al­lows you to com­plete all reps with good form and fol­low the tempo and rest guides closely.


To get the great­est ben­e­fit, do the Week 1 plan for three weeks, then move on to Week 2. Each week, aim to slightly in­crease the weight you lift or the num­ber of reps you do. This will de­velop strength and mus­cle growth while the chaotic method­ol­ogy en­sures you keep pro­gress­ing.

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