says Jesse La Flair, stunt­man and pro freerun­ner who di­rected and starred in park­our doc­u­men­tary From Here To There

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Mus­cles are built to work to­gether. In real life, you will rarely ever need just one mus­cle to fire so it makes no sense to train them to do that. Iso­la­tion ex­er­cises can be use­ful for re­ha­bil­i­ta­tion, and if your body nat­u­rally favours one side and the other needs to catch up, but in my opin­ion it’s sim­ply in­sane to spend time do­ing them just for the pur­pose of look­ing a cer­tain way.

When I first started freerun­ning I was scrawny with a lack of con­trol and bal­ance. While I’m not to­tally jacked, nowa­days I’m cut, func­tion­ally strong, and more ag­ile than ever – and I don’t do iso­la­tion ex­er­cises in my train­ing.

Some peo­ple see ripped guys with big arms and shred­ded six-packs, and think the only way to look like that is by go­ing to the gym and do­ing end­less crunches and bi­ceps curls. For me, those kinds of iso­la­tion ex­er­cises are bor­ing and smell of des­per­a­tion. You can still be in in­cred­i­ble shape with­out ever set­ting foot in the gym. I train and play in var­i­ous freerun­ning fa­cil­i­ties and out­door train­ing spots lit­er­ally all over the world, and I still have the strength to do one-fin­ger pull-ups.

Un­less you have a burn­ing de­sire to cover your­self in baby oil and flex your mus­cles in front of a crowd of strangers while wear­ing a thong, don’t waste your time on iso­la­tion ex­er­cises. Just get out­side and move.

I'm con­stantly find­ing dif­fer­ent ways to en­gage my body and mind by over­com­ing the chal­lenges that I set for my­self. Yeah, I’m in de­cent shape, but most im­por­tantly I’m hav­ing a lot of fun.



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