Diet hacks that burn fat

Strip away belly fat faster with these six zero-ef­fort tips

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1 Drinkap­int­be­fore ev­erymeal

Sorry – we mean of wa­ter, noth­ing else. Drink­ing half a litre or so of wa­ter is one of the sim­plest, eas­i­est and most ef­fec­tive hacks you can start do­ing right now to start to strip away fat.

Why it works

Sub­jects on a calo­rie-con­trolled diet who drank 500ml of wa­ter half an hour be­fore their three main daily meals lost 2kg more over 12 weeks than those who didn’t, ac­cord­ing to the jour­nal Obe­sity, be­cause the wa­ter made them eat fewer calories at meal­times.

2 Addsome­heat to your­cook­ing

You’ll need more wa­ter for this tip be­cause adding chill­ies to your food will set your mouth on fire – but more sig­nif­i­cantly it’ll also pre­vent you from overeat­ing, one of the big­gest fac­tors be­hind fat stor­age.

Why it works

Chill­ies are good for burn­ing body fat not be­cause they in­crease your metabolic rate but be­cause a com­pound in them trig­gers the same re­sponse in your stom­ach as when it’s full, ac­cord­ing to a Univer­sity of Ade­laide study.

3 Find­some­time tomed­i­tate

Med­i­ta­tion can im­prove feel­ings of pos­i­tiv­ity and lower lev­els of stress, which can im­prove your chances of shed­ding fat with min­i­mum ef­fort.

Why it works

Even just a few min­utes of med­i­ta­tion each day can sig­nif­i­cantly re­duce feel­ings of stress and anx­i­ety, ac­cord­ing to re­search from Carnegie Mel­lon Univer­sity in the US. Be­cause the stress hor­mone cor­ti­sol en­cour­ages fat gain, the lower your lev­els of stress the bet­ter able your body is to burn fat.

4 Pumpupthe vol­ume

If you’re se­ri­ous about los­ing fat you’re going to need to do some ex­er­cise. And sim­ply lis­ten­ing to your favourite tunes can help you work out harder for longer to burn fat faster.

Why it works

Sub­jects who lis­tened to their own playlist could ex­er­cise for 20% longer than a control group who had to train in si­lence, in a study car­ried out at Brunel Univer­sity. And the mu­sic made even the longer and harder ses­sions feel eas­ier in sub­jects’ minds.

5 Clearouty­our cup­boards

If your fridge, freezer and cup­boards are packed with high­sugar treats and snacks, grab a bin bag and get rid of the lot of them. It’s worth writ­ing off the cost if it saves you an­other notch on your belt.

Why it works

Even brief exposure to the sight and smell of junk food ig­nited crav­ings for high-sugar and high-fat snacks and led to an in­crease in hunger lev­els and ap­petite in the sub­jects of a study pub­lished in the In­ter­na­tional Jour­nal Of Obe­sity.

6 Takeit­slow at meal­times

Slow down the speed at which you eat by chew­ing food more thor­oughly and putting down your cut­lery be­tween mouth­fuls. If you’re not us­ing a knife and fork, you’re eat­ing the wrong foods for fat loss.

Why it works

Sub­jects who took 30 min­utes to eat a meal re­ported far higher feel­ings of full­ness than those who took just five min­utes and were less likely to snack later, ac­cord­ing to a study in the Jour­nal Of Clin­i­cal En­docrino­log­i­cal Me­tab­o­lism.

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