Back off the booze

Build a big­ger and leaner body with these any time, any­where work­outs from PT An­drew Tracey

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Cut down on daily drink­ing with these easy tips to get you look­ing and feel­ing fan­tas­tic


Archer pres­sups work your “press­ing” mus­cles and en­able you to over­load them uni­lat­er­ally to trig­ger growth.

How to do it

Start in a pres­sup po­si­tion, then straighten your right arm out to the side. Bend your left arm to lower your chest, then press back up us­ing your right arm for sup­port. At the top, switch arms and re­peat.

The work­out

Do archer press-ups for 30sec then go straight into 30sec of reg­u­lar pres­sups. Rest for 60sec then re­peat for a total of five rounds.


Hit your back, bi­ceps and fore­arms to help build a V-shaped torso.

How to do it

Hang from a bar with an un­der­hand grip. Keep your core tight and pull your­self up un­til your chin clears the bar.

The work­out

Do as many chin­ups as you can un­til your form fails. Put your feet on the ground, then jump back to the top. Hold for a sec­ond, then lower. Re­peat un­til you can’t do an­other rep, then hang from the bar un­til your grip goes. Rest for 90sec. Do four rounds.


This rou­tine works your delts, chest and tri­ceps.

How to do it

Place your hands shoul­der-width apart on the floor 15-30cm from a wall. Kick up into a hand­stand with your heels on the wall and keep your body tight. En­gage your shoul­ders by try­ing to push the floor away and hold the po­si­tion.

The work­out

Start a timer and get in po­si­tion. Af­ter 30sec drop down and do 30sec of press-ups, then 30sec of in­cline press-ups. Rest for 90sec. Re­peat for five rounds.

Strip away belly fat

Hit your quads, ham­strings and glutes with this fat­torch­ing combo.

How to do it

Start with re­verse lunges. Take a large step back with one foot and lower un­til both thighs are par­al­lel to the floor. Re­turn to the start and swap legs. Then for jump squats, lower and push off the ground ex­plo­sively.

The work­out

Do ten re­verse lunges per leg, then ten jump squats, then 20 body­weight squats (squat deep but don’t lock out your knees at the top). Rest for 2min. Do five rounds.

Sculpt a six-pack

Tar­get your abs, obliques, delts and chest to trans­form your torso.

How to do it

Start in a pres­sup po­si­tion then lower your­self onto your fore­arms so you’re in a plank, one arm at a time. Then re­verse the move­ment. That’s one rep.

The work­out

Set a timer and do press-up-to-plank reps for 30sec, then hold the press-up po­si­tion for 30sec (or you could even do press-ups for that time if you’re feel­ing strong). Rest for 30sec then re­peat. Do six rounds in total.

Up your heart rate

Here you’ll tax your up­per-body mus­cles, heart and lungs.

How to do it

Start in a press-up po­si­tion. Lower your chest and bring your right knee in to your right el­bow. Press up and re­peat with your left knee. Then bring both knees to your chest and do a tuck jump. That’s one rep.

The work­out

Start the clock. Do a rep, then hold the press-up po­si­tion un­til the timer hits 1min. Then do two reps and rest un­til it hits 2min, and so on. Stop when you can’t do the tar­get reps within the minute.

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