Pimp your pro­tein shake

Add these to your post-work­out pro­tein shake for faster gains

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To add mus­cle mass faster, just put these four de­li­cious in­gre­di­ents in your post-work­out shake


If fat loss is your pri­mary fit­ness fo­cus, blend­ing your pro­tein pow­der with wa­ter in­stead of milk will keep the calo­rie count lower and re­duce your in­take of both sugar and fats. But if you want to in­crease both mus­cu­lar size and strength, then add some milk to the mixer. Re­search shows that tak­ing pro­tein with carbs dur­ing the post­work­out win­dow has­tens mus­cle re­cov­ery thanks to a faster re­plen­ish­ment of glyco­gen stores.


Adding a ba­nana to your blender when mak­ing a post-work­out shake can do won­ders for your physique be­cause they’re an ex­cel­lent source of vi­ta­min B6, which plays a cen­tral role in the me­tab­o­lism of the fats, carbs and pro­tein you eat. A medium ba­nana con­tains more than one-third of your daily rec­om­mended in­take of this vi­tal B vi­ta­min, which is also in­volved in neu­ro­trans­mit­ter syn­the­sis and gene ex­pres­sion.


Adding this spice will keep your blood sugar lev­els stable, a key con­sid­er­a­tion when try­ing to add mus­cle and lose body fat. In­deed, a study pub­lished in the Jour­nal Of Nu­tri­tional Sci­ence And Vi­ta­minol­ogy found cin­namalde­hyde, a com­pound in cin­na­mon, is in­volved in the me­tab­o­lism of fatty vis­ceral tis­sue (ie your beer belly). So more cin­na­mon could help re­duce the size of your waist.


Adding a dol­lop of or­ganic peanut but­ter (or other nut but­ter) – as long as it’s low in added salt or sugar - will (a) trans­form the taste of your post­work­out shake and (b) in­crease your in­take of qual­ity fats, which your body needs for bet­ter hor­mone pro­duc­tion, in­clud­ing mus­cle-build­ing testos­terone. Most nut but­ters are also high in the an­tiox­i­dant vi­ta­min E, which com­bats cel­lu­lar dam­age caused by train­ing.

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