3 ways to boost your bench now

With ad­vice from trainer Tom Wright

Men's Fitness - - Updates -

1 Get a grip

“Hold the bar with a hand po­si­tion that al­lows your fore­arms to be par­al­lel when the bar touches your chest. Your wrists should be over your el­bows as they pass by your sides.”

2 Brace your body

“Keep­ing your body tight through­out the move­ment will keep you stable and strong. Squeeze your shoul­der blades and raise your chest, while tens­ing your abs and glute mus­cles."

3 Squeeze the bar

“Once you’re ready, take a deep breath and squeeze the bar hard to fire up your cen­tral ner­vous sys­tem. This will elicit a re­sponse that will fire up your mind-mus­cle con­nec­tion to al­low your mus­cles to con­tract harder.”

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