Hair-strength­en­ing sham­poos

Hold onto what you’ ve got up top, with Chris Beast all’ s pick of the best new mop-pro­tect­ing prod­ucts

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Nanogen Thick­en­ing Hair Treat­ment Sham­poo

If you want to make your mus­cles stronger, you need to take in amino acids. So it’s no sur­prise that the in­clu­sion of the same mus­cle-build­ing com­pounds in this sham­poo will have a sim­i­larly pos­i­tive ef­fect on your hair, be­cause they’ll help pre­vent fol­li­cle shrink­age and loss of hair an­chor­ing. It also con­tains aloe and chamomile to soothe your scalp. £7.95 for 240ml,

Bax­ter of Cal­i­for­nia Daily Pro­tein Sham­poo

DHT is a male hor­mone that’s been found to be detri­men­tal to hair growth. Bax­ter’s sham­poo is for­mu­lated to re­move it, along with other tox­ins and pol­lu­tants, as well as de­liv­er­ing a dose of pro­teins and nu­tri­ents to en­rich, strengthen and keep your mane mag­nif­i­cent. All that and a lovely minty smell too. £18 for 300ml,

Nioxin Sys­tem 2 Cleanser

If your hair’s thin­ning or even just nat­u­rally fine, Nioxin’s daily cleans­ing sys­tem can help. It uses amino acids to make your locks stronger and more vo­lu­mi­nous, while re­mov­ing oils and other de­bris that can clog up fol­li­cles and stop nu­tri­ents get­ting to your scalp – plus white tea ex­tract and pep­per­mint to leave your hair shiny and re­freshed. £11.50 for 300ml, just­my­

Ni­zo­ral Anti-Dan­druff Sham­poo

Al­though Ni­zo­ral is de­signed pri­mar­ily to treat and pre­vent dan­druff and its symp­toms such as a flaky, itchy scalp, it’s also an ef­fec­tive weapon in the fight against hair loss. The rea­son? Ke­to­cona­zole, an an­ti­fun­gal agent that ev­i­dence has shown also boosts hair growth. Leave it in for three to five min­utes to do its thing, and don’t use it too fre­quently. £6.39 for 60ml,

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