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When you’re in shape but you want to see that six-pack, here’s your pre­scrip­tion

Here’s where you start if things aren’t too bad – sure, you’re a bit more Jason Segel than Zac Efron, but you can see some mus­cle def­i­ni­tion un­der good light­ing and all your T-shirts still fit. At this stage, your key con­cerns might ac­tu­ally be in­ter­nal: be­ing “skinny-fat” (where the only place you’ve got vis­i­ble fat de­posits is your belly) can in­di­cate a build-up of vis­ceral fat, which has been linked to ev­ery­thing from coro­nary heart dis­ease and can­cer to di­a­betes and de­men­tia.

Your hor­mones could also be an is­sue be­cause if you’re strug­gling to shift that mini-beergut, it’s pos­si­ble that your body’s pro­duc­ing too much oe­stro­gen, which makes your body store more fat around the mid­dle (and can cause man-boobs). You’ll also need to ad­dress your stress lev­els to min­imise build-up of the fat-stor­ing hor­mone cor­ti­sol, which means more sleep and tak­ing proac­tive steps to calm­ing down. If you train al­ready, it’s an easy fix: shift your fo­cus to com­pound move­ments and switch steady-state car­dio ex­er­cise for high in­ten­sity. First time in the gym? Even bet­ter – you don’t have any bad habits to fix.

And re­joice, be­cause you don’t even have to knock the beer and take­aways en­tirely on the head. Make smart choices and min­imise the dam­age of the oc­ca­sional binge, and you can still trim the fat and im­prove your odds of hit­ting a ripe old age .

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