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Ditch the bi­ceps curls for now. “Com­pound ex­er­cises that hit lots of mus­cle groups at once are best for fat loss,” says trainer James Adam­son. “Be­cause you’re work­ing your whole body, these in­crease the meta­bolic de­mand of your work­out. The farmer’s walk, which in­volves ev­ery mus­cle in your body, is your new best friend. Grab a pair of heavy dumb­bells and aim to walk 200m with them, rest­ing as lit­tle as pos­si­ble.”


Tripling up on your ex­er­cises isn’t just ef­fi­cient, it’s also more ef­fec­tive than tra­di­tional train­ing. In a 2011 study pub­lished in the Jour­nal Of Strength And Con­di­tion­ing

Re­search, sub­jects who did six moves in two mini-cir­cuits made the same strength and mus­cle mass gains as peo­ple who did each ex­er­cise alone – but the cir­cuit train­ing group lost more fat and fin­ished faster. Do eight reps each of dumb­bell bench presses, flyes and rows with a minute be­tween sets.


If you’re pack­ing a bit of ex­tra tim­ber, stress on your joints from jump­ing or run­ning is some­thing you should aim to min­imise, es­pe­cially when do­ing high-rep, high­in­ten­sity in­ter­val train­ing (HIIT). Ket­tle­bell swings are a full-body move that mimic the move­ment of jump­ing with zero im­pact. For car­dio, think row­ing – do 100m, rest for 40 sec­onds and re­peat eight times. That’s your new ses­sio­nend­ing fin­isher.

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