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Tea, cof­fee and wa­ter are your bev­er­ages. Ev­ery­thing else is… sub-op­ti­mal. Lat­tes, smooth­ies and juice add calo­ries but barely af­fect ap­petite, and – ac­cord­ing to a 2015 study – peo­ple who drink “diet” fizzy drinks gain al­most triple the ab­dom­i­nal fat of those who don’t. A lit­tle milk in tea is fine, and a slice of lemon in soda wa­ter could help reg­u­late in­sulin. Drink cof­fee black: it’s an ac­quired taste, but you might as well ac­quire it.


Don’t worry about count­ing calo­ries. You’ve al­ready got the eas­i­est way to take charge of por­tion size up your sleeves. “Use your hands for por­tion con­trol,” says Pre­ci­sion Nu­tri­tion’s Brian St-Pierre. “Aim to eat two palm-sized por­tions of pro­tein at ev­ery meal, along­side two fist-sized por­tions of veg, two cupped-hand sized por­tions of carbs, and two thumb­sized por­tions of fat. In one or two meals a day, leave out a por­tion of carbs or fats.”


It’s the one sup­ple­ment that ev­ery­one agrees you need, and it’s as es­sen­tial for fat loss as for gen­eral main­te­nance. Re­cep­tors in the brain need it to keep hunger in check, and it op­ti­mises your body’s abil­ity to ab­sorb other nu­tri­ents. You aren’t get­ting enough from the win­ter sun or any rays you catch through a win­dow, so take a sup­ple­ment – Public Health England rec­om­mends 400IU, but talk to your GP if you’re wor­ried about de­fi­ciency.

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