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Busi­ness time. You’re al­ready in rare air, hov­er­ing some­where around the 10-12% body fat range, with a six-pack start­ing to ap­pear. You want to go fur­ther, but this is where things get slightly tougher. No amount of train­ing is go­ing to make up for the oc­ca­sional bis­cuit binge, so if you’re se­ri­ous about see­ing your abs then dis­ci­pline is the watch­word. You prob­a­bly al­ready train hard, but at this stage con­sis­tency is key: missed ses­sions be­come more im­por­tant.

You’re head­ing into tricky ter­ri­tory here: for most peo­ple, get­ting be­low 10% body fat is some­thing to aim for once or twice a year, not a sus­tain­able life­style. So you’ll need to work out five or six days a week, avoid pro­cessed carbs, and start mea­sur­ing food or count­ing macros. In short, the leaner you want to be, the more be­hav­iours you’ll have to change – so the im­por­tant thing is to find a healthy bal­ance that works for you.

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