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Your first or­der of busi­ness: get a skip­ping rope. If you’re still warm­ing up with a desul­tory ten min­utes on the tread­mill, have a re­think – 60 sec­onds of skip­ping will fire up your ner­vous sys­tem and turbo-charge your warm-up. For a harder chal­lenge, try a dou­ble-un­der pyra­mid. Set a timer run­ning and aim to get three dou­ble­un­ders in minute one, six in minute two, nine in three, and so on. Make it to five min­utes and you’ll be ready for any­thing.


Though they’re not ideal for the larger gen­tle­men, sprints are per­fect for the chap who’s al­ready in shape. In a study con­ducted by the Uni­ver­sity of Colorado, test sub­jects who sprinted all-out for five 30-sec­ond ef­forts – sep­a­rated by pe­ri­ods of ac­tive re­cov­ery – burned an av­er­age of 200 ex­tra calo­ries a day. You can do your sprints on the tread­mill (hold on to the han­dles) or the bike.


High-in­ten­sity func­tional train­ing is HIIT’s big­ger, tougher, more fun brother. “It’s de­signed to help you gain mus­cle and lose fat at the same time,” says trainer Emil Hod­zovic. “You can use it for a few short, sharp ses­sions or add it to weights ses­sions to fire up fat burn­ing.” Keep it short and nasty: ten ket­tle­bell swings and a sled push, re­peated ten times, will leave you shat­tered but in­cin­er­at­ing fat like a fur­nace.

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