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If you want to drop to sin­gle-digit body fat, pro­cessed carbs and pud­dings need to be a once-aweek treat. One op­tion is to save them for a week­end cheat meal; a bet­ter one is to re­fine your palate. In­stead of cheese­cake, try Court­ney Pruce’s dessert smoothie. “Whizz some pro­tein pow­der, ice, al­mond milk, green veg­gies, nut but­ter, co­conut oil, nuts or flaxseeds for healthy fats, frozen berries or ba­nana in a blender. You can drink it on the go.”


“Carb cy­cling has been shown to be more ef­fec­tive for fat loss than ad­just­ing quan­tity of food,” says nu­tri­tion coach Josh Hil­lis. Ev­ery day, aim to have 2g of pro­tein per kilo of your tar­get body­weight. For a low-carb day, add 50-80g of carbs, and fill in the rest of your calo­ries with healthy fats. For a high-carb day, flip this – less carbs, more fat. Aim for four low-carb days a week, two high-carb and one day when you don’t count macros.


It isn’t a race, as your mum (prob­a­bly) used to say – eat slowly and you’ll nat­u­rally stop when your sati­ety hor­mones kick in. Avoid eat­ing on the run or while watch­ing TV, and chew your food un­til it’s al­most liq­uid in your mouth. This’ll give your stom­ach more time to catch up with your ap­petite and also aids di­ges­tion, help­ing your me­tab­o­lism and up­ping the nu­tri­tion you can ex­tract from your food.

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