Raise the steaks

Beefing up your diet couldn’t be eas­ier – and it’s one of the best ways to add lean mus­cle

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A thick steak might seem like the sort of food that’s a monthly treat – but it’s time to re­think that. A sin­gle 250g, grass-fed, aged-28-days slab of sir­loin costs about the same as a Quar­ter Pounder meal – and un­like Un­cle Ron­ald’s fare, it packs in around 70g of protein, with a punch of healthy an­i­mal fat and zero carbs or preser­va­tives. The only catch? You have to cook it your­self – but with a bit of help from Miche­lin-starred chef Adam Gray, that’s the easy part. Here’s your step-by-step guide.


Be­fore any­thing else, take your steaks out of the fridge – ideally at least half an hour be­fore cook­ing, so they’ve got time to come up to room tem­per­a­ture. Next up, put your pan on the hob and give it a few min­utes to get as hot as pos­si­ble.


“Brush your steaks with a tiny bit of rape­seed oil, just so they don’t stick in the pan,” says Gray. “Then sea­son them with salt and freshly ground pep­per. Do it from a height to get a good spread.” And, ob­vi­ously, do it on both sides.


Time to sear. Put your steaks in the pan, and don’t let the siz­zle in­tim­i­date you. “The key is it’s con­tin­u­ally hot,” says Gray. “Don’t regulate the heat – just open the win­dows and get it smok­ing.” Us­ing tongs, flip them a few times to make sure they’re sealed all over. If your steak’s 2cm thick, cook it for 2min each side for rare, 3-4min each side for medium, and 5-6min each side for well done.


Re­move your steak from the pan and let it rest for a minute or two to let the juices set­tle, so they won’t leak out when you cut into it. For a healthy side dish, fry up some onion and gar­lic in a pan with a dash of nut­meg and fish sauce, then add spinach and a dol­lop of dou­ble cream. Sweet potato fries op­tional.

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