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Use Gemili’s favourite lifts and his tech­nique ad­vice to get stronger and faster than ever


The big­gest thing for me was feel­ing con­fi­dent with the weight. If you’re clean­ing 135kg then you need to go in there with speed and good tech­nique. Your back has to stay straight, you need to keep the bar close to your body. I prac­tise hang clean shrugs, so just the first move­ment, with a heavy weight so when I re­duce the weight I’ve got the con­fi­dence that I can lift the weight in a full clean. If you go for it half-heart­edly you’ll get half a lift.


I do vari­a­tions of squats - quar­ter squats, speed squats, sin­gle-leg squats. Sin­gle-leg squats I like be­cause it helps work your core. You’re not go­ing re­ally deep but it’s deep enough to feel it. And you have to make sure your back stays flat and doesn’t curl for­wards. It’s about be­ing slow and con­trolled and go­ing to your limit without com­pro­mis­ing your form. It’s not about how heavy you go – it’s about work­ing the right mus­cle groups with the right tech­nique.


Don’t just drop the bar on your chest and bounce it back up. It’s about con­trol­ling the weight. Benches are im­por­tant be­cause it’s your up­per body where your power comes from. I never used to bench at all but this year I’ve made big im­prove­ments. It’s im­por­tant not to get too big be­cause that can re­strict your move­ment, but if you can swing your arms pow­er­fully then you can run faster.

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