Wish you could drop fat and sculpt a six-pack, yet still en­joy what you eat? Then go the mega-protein Pa­leo route – with these de­li­cious gourmet twists

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Pa­leo nu­tri­tion – as you’ll know un­less you’ve been, er, liv­ing in a cave – means eat­ing only foods avail­able in the Pa­le­olithic era (meat, seafood, fruit, veg­eta­bles, eggs, nuts, seeds and un­pro­cessed oils). Al­though the plan is as pop­u­lar as ever, the rel­a­tive plain­ness of “pre­his­toric” fare can make eat­ing like early Homo sapi­ens a chal­lenge. But with a lit­tle cre­ativ­ity, you can turn all your favourite foods – from steak and burg­ers to ke­babs – into flavour-packed Pa­leo treats. Here’s how to modernise the most old-school diet ever.


Makes 3 servings

For the meat

350g or­ganic skirt steak

For the rub

2 chipo­tles (dried chill­ies), soaked in wa­ter for 30 min­utes, or 2 fresh chill­ies 4tbsp olive oil

4tbsp lime juice

1 bunch of co­rian­der, chopped 1tbsp black pep­per

2tsp ground cumin

For the wraps 6 large cab­bage leaves Tomato salsa For the salad

1 red onion, whole

¼ pineap­ple, peeled and cored ½ green pep­per, juli­enned ½ red pep­per, juli­enned Juice of 2 limes

2tbsp av­o­cado oil

Black pep­per, to taste


Pre­heat grill to high. Place the onion un­der the grill, al­low­ing the out­side to char. Re­move when onion feels soft and re­frig­er­ate. Place the pineap­ple on grill and cook for five min­utes on one side and then the other. Re­move pineap­ple.

2 Cut away the top and bot­tom of the onion and re­move the skin. Slice the onion and pineap­ple into strips and place in a mix­ing bowl. Add the rest of the salad in­gre­di­ents and toss.

3 Chop the chill­ies, then place them in a bowl with the other rub in­gre­di­ents and mix thor­oughly. Add the steak and turn un­til it’s coated. Put the steak un­der the grill and cook for three min­utes each side. Re­move and al­low to rest, then slice thinly.

4 Ar­range the cab­bage leaves on a plate and add steak slices to each. Top with the salad and salsa.


609 calo­ries 33g protein 26g carbs 28g fat

Go back to grass roots To be as Pa­leo as pos­si­ble, buy grass­fed steak. It’ll be leaner, and what fat it does have will be health­ier.

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