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Be­fore any­thing else, you should self­assess to make sure you’ve got the strength, con­trol and shoul­der flex­i­bil­ity to pull off tougher moves. One ad­van­tage of rings train­ing is the in­creased range of mo­tion it al­lows, but without strong shoul­der lig­a­ments, that can cause trou­ble. If you can do the below, you’re all set; if not, start on one rep or three sec­onds of each move, and in­crease it with ev­ery work­out.


Jump into the top po­si­tion of a dip – el­bows locked, rings close to your body, knuckles fac­ing your sides. Hold for a sec­ond, then turn your knuckles out­ward. This locks your el­bows into po­si­tion, mak­ing the po­si­tion more sta­ble. Tar­get 15sec


With the rings above you, grab on and hang with “ac­ti­vated” shoul­ders - aim to pull your shoul­ders away from your ears while keep­ing your arms straight. Tuck your knees to your chest and hold. Tar­get 15sec


It’s harder than the reg­u­lar ver­sion, though keep­ing the rings close to your body will help. Lean for­ward on the rings and lower un­til their edges touch your armpits, then press up. Tar­get 5 reps


Start with your palms fac­ing each other and brace your abs to min­imise swing­ing. As you pull, twist your palms to face you, pause at the top – then lower. Tar­get 5 reps

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