Good dead­lift­ing tech­nique will en­sure that when things get se­ri­ous and you be­gin to pile more weight onto each end of the bar, you can rip it off the floor rather than rip­ping a mus­cle

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Stand­ing with your feet shoul­der-width apart, grasp the bar with your hands just out­side your legs. Lift the bar by driv­ing your hips for­wards, keep­ing a flat back. Lower the bar un­der con­trol – though once you get up to re­ally heavy weights, it’s OK to drop your fi­nal rep.


Dead­lift­ing is all about brute strength ex­e­cuted with sound tech­nique. “Al­though pulling weight off the floor may sound sim­ple enough, there are ac­tu­ally quite a lot of things you can get wrong,” says Wright. “Poor tech­nique lets down most dead­lifters in your av­er­age gym, and can cause se­ri­ous in­jury. When set­ting up for your lift re­mem­ber to pull your shoul­ders back and your chest out, ‘lock­ing down’ your shoul­der blades. This cre­ates ten­sion in your back that will help pre­vent you from round­ing your lower back or hav­ing your hips come up too early. Your goal is to drive your hips for­wards, so lean back into the lift and squeeze your glutes hard while press­ing through your heels into the floor.”


Even if you’re a be­gin­ner you’ll quickly progress to hav­ing at least 100kg on the bar. And when it starts get­ting se­ri­ous, you don’t want to lift with sus­pect tech­nique. “If you find you’re strug­gling to per­form this lift with good tech­nique, then start with some rack pulls - which means set­ting the bar up in a rack around 30cm off the floor,” says Wright. “You’ll de­velop the strength in a shorter range of move­ment.” And if you’re find­ing that you’re hav­ing to grind out ev­ery rep, you’ll want to work on your speed. “To help build your dead­lift speed, work on heavy ket­tle­bell swings [see op­po­site]. By fir­ing your hips for­wards against the weight of the ket­tle­bell you’ll build stronger glutes and hip drive, su­per­charg­ing your dead­lift power.”

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