Sculpt a hard, strong six-pack with this gym ball cir­cuit

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Made easy – with six new six-pack su­per­moves!

1 In­cline press-up Reps 10

To sculpt a rock­hard six-pack you need to work your abs harder than ever be­fore. Do this six­move cir­cuit in or­der, only rest­ing at the end, four times. It starts with a pres­sup vari­a­tion that works your en­tire core thanks to the in­sta­bil­ity cre­ated by us­ing the ball.

How to do it

Start in a press-up po­si­tion but with your palms on the gym ball, shoul­der­width apart. Brace your core and bend your el­bows to lower your chest to the ball. Press back up pow­er­fully to the start.

2 Crunch twist Reps 10

This move works your up­per abs as well as your obliques, or side abs. Keep each rep smooth and con­trolled with your abs en­gaged through­out.

How to do it

Lie with your back on the ball, your feet flat on the floor and your fin­gers touch­ing your tem­ples. Con­tract your up­per abs to raise your torso off the ball. As you come up twist to one side, pause, then twist all the way to the other side and pause. Re­turn to the start to com­plete one rep.

3 Rus­sian twist Reps 10

This next ex­er­cise con­tin­ues to tax your obliques hard, help­ing them grow so you can sculpt a strong and tight six-pack.

How to do it

Lie with your up­per back sup­ported on the gym ball with arms straight above your chest and hands to­gether. Keep­ing your arms straight and to­gether, ro­tate your torso to one side to lower your hands to­wards the ground. Pause, then twist all the way to the other side and pause. Re­turn to the start to com­plete one rep.

4 Pike Reps 10

This move re­quires a full ac­ti­va­tion of your deep-ly­ing core mus­cles so your up­per and lower body can work as a sin­gle unit.

How to do it

Hold your body in a straight line from head to heels with your feet on the ball and your hands di­rectly be­neath your shoul­ders. Con­tract your abs to draw your feet to­wards your hands so your body forms an in­verted V-shape. Brace your core through­out the set to stay sta­ble, and breathe in as you raise your hips and out as you lower.

5 Roll-out Reps 10

Roll-outs on a ball are harder than on a bar­bell be­cause your en­tire core must work hard to pre­vent side­ways move­ment of the ball as you roll it for­wards and back.

How to do it

Kneel in front of the gym ball and rest your fore­arms on the side of the ball clos­est to you. Ex­tend your arms to roll the ball for­wards, us­ing your abs mus­cles to con­trol the wob­ble and keep your body steady. Then roll it back again slowly to re­turn to the start, keep­ing your back flat through­out.

6 In­cline plank Time 60sec

The fi­nal move of the cir­cuit is an in­cline plank, done for time, not reps. Keep your core tight through­out and breathe slowly and con­sis­tently.

How to do it

Get into the plank po­si­tion but with your hands clasped to­gether and rest­ing on the gym ball. En­gage your core and glutes, then raise your hips so that your body forms a straight line from head to heels. Hold with­out let­ting your hips sag. Rest for three min­utes then re­peat the cir­cuit, com­plet­ing it four times in to­tal.

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