3 foods for young and healthy skin

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Noth­ing gives away your age faster than your face, but even if you have a lot of laugh­ter lines it’s never too late to help your skin look younger. The first thing to do is drink more water to keep your skin hy­drated, then eat more of th­ese three foods to get the nu­tri­ents you need for a fresher-look­ing face. 1/Bellpep­pers

They’re high in the an­tiox­i­dant vi­ta­min C, which your body needs to pro­duce the col­la­gen that makes and keeps skin firm.


Seeds are high in selenium, an essen­tial min­eral that stud­ies sug­gest helps pre­vent sun dam­age and age spots.


Nuts are rich in vi­ta­min E, which pro­tects your skin from the dam­ag­ing ef­fects of free rad­i­cals to pre­vent pre­ma­ture age­ing.

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