Nail your hair­style

For­get awk­ward chat about hol­i­days – have a more pro­duc­tive con­ver­sa­tion in the chair by fol­low­ing this ad­vice from artis­tic bar­ber and male groom­ing ex­pert Carmelo Guastella, and you’ll come away happy with the re­sults

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“You might think it looks vain to bring a photo of what you’re look­ing to achieve, but it’s help­ful,” says Guastella (carme­l­ “The bar­ber can tell you if you’re able to achieve that look or what you need to do to achieve it. You may al­ready have the length and it’s just about styling. Also, you have to re­alise that the hair in the pic­ture has been blow-dried, it has mousse in it and other prod­ucts and maybe some­one spent 20 min­utes styling it and that’s why it looks that way.”


“A lot of guys say to me, ‘My hair doesn’t do what I want it to’ and I ask them, ‘Do you use any prod­ucts?’ and of­ten the an­swer is no. Or they use a prod­uct but they’re not us­ing a hair dryer so it’s not go­ing to achieve the look they want. Don’t be afraid to ask for ad­vice, es­pe­cially if you want a change. If you’re happy with the re­ply, go for it. And a good bar­ber should al­ways tell you what they’re do­ing when they style your hair af­ter the cut.”


“When choos­ing a bar­ber, you can find out about their work through their so­cial me­dia feeds. You can also fol­low trends. Three years ago ev­ery guy had short back and sides but at the mo­ment you see longer hair on top, which I pre­dicted. I also think it is go­ing to move more to­wards a longer, messier 70s look next. So look for bar­bers who’ve shown they are on top of trends.”


“A lot of men have the same hair­cut for 40 years. You don’t have to! I ad­vise peo­ple not to al­ways have the same style – grow it long, cut it short, change it. And trust the bar­ber when they tell you what the best prod­uct is to use, and give you tips about how to use them. Hairdry­ers aren’t just for girls, and a mousse or paste – some­thing that’s not too oily – is al­ways use­ful.”


“Some­times good hair doesn’t hap­pen in one day. You may see the fi­nal re­sult in four or five hair­cuts, es­pe­cially if you’re grow­ing it out. A good bar­ber will make the client un­der­stand what they are do­ing.”

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