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For­get road­work: when he’s in train­ing camp, Manuwa does five-minute rounds of this cir­cuit, aim­ing to get as many reps as pos­si­ble be­fore the bell. To pre­pare for UFC main events, he does five rounds a work­out, but you should start with three


Reps 8

Arms straight at the bot­tom, chest over the bar at the top. Us­ing a bit of knee drive to squeak out some ex­tra reps is OK as you get to­wards the end of the round. Do eight reps – or about half as many as you can do in one go.


Reps 8

Pick up a medicine ball, bring it over­head and slam it to the ground

– if you just drop it, you’re only cheat­ing your­self. If you’ve got two balls, set them up 10m apart and shuf­fle lat­er­ally from one to the other between reps (if you’ve only got one, go out and back).


Reps 8

Set up a sus­pen­sion trainer or pair of gym­nas­tic rings at chest height, then hold them and lean back with straight legs. Pull your el­bows be­hind you, keep­ing them tight to your body. As the reps get tougher, it’s OK to stand up straighter – con­di­tion­ing is key.


Time 10sec

Fin­ish your cir­cuit with an all-out burst on a set of bat­tle ropes. Make waves as fast as pos­si­ble, then go straight into your next set of pull-ups. Aim to do as many cir­cuits as pos­si­ble (at least three) while keep­ing the in­ten­sity high.

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