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“Aim to do ev­ery rep of your squat – warm-up or work­ing set – the same,” says Hamil­ton. “Grab the bar the same way, take the same num­ber of steps out of the rack - ideally it should be three - and go through the same men­tal cues be­fore you lift. When the weight gets heavy, you’ll go back to what you’ve done a hun­dred times.” Squat tech­nique is in­di­vid­ual, but there are con­stants. “Take a big breath and hold it be­fore you lift,” says strength coach Joel Dowey. “Brace as if you’re about to be punched in the stom­ach. Sit down and back, as if you’re go­ing to sit in a chair. And don’t lose tight­ness when you’re in the bot­tom of the lift, known as the ‘hole’ - you’ll need to drive back up strongly.”

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