No ac­cess to kit? Make gains with noth­ing but body­weight with this sim­ple up­per/lower-body work­out. Do the moves as pairs, rest­ing for 60 sec­onds. Do four rounds

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39 1A Hand­stand press-up Reps 8

“The ul­ti­mate in get­ting boul­ders for shoul­ders,” says School Of Cal­is­then­ics co-founder Tim Steven­son. “You can progress by work­ing through what­ever range of move­ment you can man­age but the end goal is to get your face to the floor.” Find a pole or tree and kick into a hand­stand with your feet rest­ing on it. “Screw” your hands into the floor by twist­ing your el­bows so they point be­hind you. Keep­ing your el­bows close to your body, lower down as far as you can and then push up.

40 1B Pis­tol squat Reps 4 each leg

“A real test of not only strength but also sta­bil­ity and mo­bil­ity,” says Steven­son. “Tight hips, short ham­strings and re­stricted an­kle range of move­ment can be kryp­tonite – but that’s why you should do it.” Stand on one leg with the other leg straight and hov­er­ing just off the ground. Start the squat by sit­ting back and down – if you fall back­wards you may need to work on your an­kle mo­bil­ity but as a quick fix, put some­thing un­der your heel to el­e­vate it. If the hip flexor on your non-stand­ing leg starts scream­ing, do more foam rolling.

41 2A Di­a­mond press-up Reps 8

“If you choose to you can fo­cus on one spe­cific type of press-up that is par­tic­u­larly chal­leng­ing to build more strength,” says Steven­son. “Start with the di­a­mond, but move up to the one-arm or ‘type­writer’ vari­a­tions.” For this one, just bring your in­dex fin­gers and thumbs to­gether into a di­a­mond shape – it’ll make the move much more chal­leng­ing.

42 2B Shrimp squat Reps 4 each leg

Grab your right foot with your right hand and hold it against your glutes. Squat down with your left leg un­til your right knee touches the ground. Keep your body­weight for­wards over your left foot and then push it hard into the ground to stand back up. Make it eas­ier by do­ing it with­out hold­ing your leg – the holy grail is hold­ing the back foot with both hands.

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