Want to lift more in a hurry? Make sure you’re get­ting the most from your body – and add 10% to your lifts to­day

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46 Wake up your mus­cles

You can only use as much strength as your body lets you. Warm up with plank ac­ti­va­tions, a favourite of Com­mando Tem­ple head coach Rob Blair. Wrap a band around your waist, get into a plank, and get a friend to try to pull you off-bal­ance. You’ll ac­ti­vate your core and be able to push harder.

47 Use your glutes

And not just on lower­body day. “In up­per-body press­ing move­ments like the shoul­der or log press, clench­ing your glutes like you’re try­ing to crack wal­nuts will cre­ate the ten­sion you need to get a new over­head PB,” says Adam­son. “It even works on the bench.”

48 Grip and rip

In al­most any lift, grip­ping the bar as hard as pos­si­ble be­fore go time leads to an ef­fect called ir­ra­di­a­tion where you fire up the sur­round­ing mus­cles, giv­ing you more sta­bil­ity and strength. Clench for a sec­ond or two, then lift.

49 Go heavy, then go light

Post-ac­ti­va­tion po­ten­ti­a­tion sounds com­pli­cated. It isn’t. Do a heavy sin­gle at 90-95% of your one-rep max, then go straight into a work­ing set .You’ll re­cruit more type 2 fast-twitch mus­cle fi­bres, which you’ll fa­tigue through­out the work set.

50 At­tempt the im­pos­si­ble

As a more ad­vanced vari­a­tion on the above, load 10-15% more than your cur­rent max onto the bar for a squat, take it out of the rack and then quar­ter­squat it for a rep or two. Put the bar back, strip the plates, then go for your at­tempt – hope­fully with all your synapses fir­ing.

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