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1 SQUAT Sets 5 Reps 12 Tempo 2010 Rest 60sec

Stand tall with a bar across the back of your shoul­ders. Keep­ing your chest up and core braced, squat down as deep as you can. Drive back up through your heels to re­turn to the start.

2 BENT OVER ROW Sets 5 Reps 12 Tempo 2011 Rest 60sec

Hold a bar­bell with an over­hand grip, hands just out­side your legs. Bend your knees slightly, brace your core, then pull the bar up, lead­ing with your el­bows. Lower it back to the start.

3 TRI­CEPS DIP Sets 3 Reps 8-12 Tempo 2010 Rest 60sec

Grip rings or par­al­lel bars with your arms straight. Keep­ing your chest up, bend your el­bows to lower your body as far as your shoul­ders al­low. Press back up pow­er­fully to re­turn to the start.

4 GOOD MORN­ING Sets 3 Reps 8-12 Tempo 2110 Rest 60sec

Stand tall hold­ing a light bar­bell across the backs of your shoul­ders, feet shoul­der­width apart. With your core braced, bend for­wards slowly from the hips, as far as your ham­strings al­low but not past hor­i­zon­tal. Re­turn to the start.

5 BAR­BELL ROLL OUT Sets 3 Reps 8-12 Tempo 4111 Rest 60sec

Kneel on the floor hold­ing a bar­bell with both hands. Roll the bar for­wards so you lower your torso, keep­ing your core braced. Then use your abs mus­cles to re­turn to the start.

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