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Sav­age Si­nu­soid

METAL BLADE Balkan digi-opera-grind? It’s def­i­nitely a thing A cult hero among metal fans who like things to get as weird as pos­si­ble, Igorrr mas­ter­mind Gau­tier Serre clearly doesn’t view music in the way most peo­ple do. The unini­ti­ated will find their brains plas­tered all over the ceil­ing within a few sec­onds of de­ranged opener Viande or in­deed any of this un­hinged tri­umph’s be­wil­der­ing songs. Igorrr ex­ist in a world where borders be­tween gen­res are non-ex­is­tent and any­thing is pos­si­ble, al­beit with a pref­er­ence for be­ing wildly un­pre­dictable. You may find your­self grip­ping your skull for safety and san­ity’s sake as blast­beats, oper­atic bel­low­ing, elec­tro-jazz and Balkan folk music col­lide, but th­ese are not just erup­tions of in­san­ity. There is much sub­tlety off­set­ting the shifts of pace and mood and some spell­bind­ing mo­ments of serene but sub­ver­sive fi­nesse. If only more metal records were this barmy.

FOR FANS OF: Mr. Bun­gle, The Al­go­rithm, Trollfest

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