What has been the cra­zi­est thing to ever hap­pen to you on tour?

Metal Hammer (UK) - - Live Evil -


(GUI­TAR/VO­CALS): “Once we were in Texas and the cops pulled us over. They pointed guns at us and sat us in a field for like three hours. They were search­ing our trucks for drugs and they couldn’t find any. They emp­tied our trailer and our cases, just throw­ing ev­ery­thing all over. When they were done, they shut down the lights and left, leav­ing us in the mid­dle of nowhere in to­tal dark­ness with our shit ev­ery­where. What we didn’t tell the cops is that we ate all the weed we had on us. You could see it in ev­ery­body’s faces how stoned they were but we got away with it, ha ha ha!”

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