Will we re­ally be get­ting an­other Burn­ing Red?

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Let’s be hon­est: we al­ways get ex­cited about a new Ma­chine Head al­bum, but when noises be­gan leak­ing out from the MH camp that fans should be pre­pared for a less in­tense, less heavy, less, dare we say it, metal record, our in­trigue lev­els shot through the roof. With these rev­e­la­tions ring­ing in our ears we tracked down ’Head main­man Robb Flynn for some clar­i­fi­ca­tion on just what to ex­pect.

So, Robb, we un­der­stand we should be ex­pect­ing a very dif­fer­ent Ma­chine Head al­bum this time around?

Robb Flynn: “Yes, this is a very groov­ing, melodic record. To my ears it’s the record that could have fol­lowed The Burn­ing Red, ex­cept that this has a much more ag­gres­sive pro­duc­tion. The Burn­ing Red had a much darker, more stoner vibe.

This has a real clas­sic

Black­en­ing, Burn My Eyes pro­duc­tion, but I’ve still been say­ing to peo­ple on these Face­book Live things I do that you need to lower your ex­pec­ta­tions for the heav­i­ness!”

We’re sure that’s gone down well!

“Well, you know, some peo­ple are OK... look, you gotta be hon­est. I don’t want peo­ple to think this is The Black­en­ing Part Two. If that was us at our most thrash­ing and ag­gres­sive, then this is us at our most groov­ing and melodic. It’s gotta a lot of hard­core beats and hard­core grooves.”

Was this a de­lib­er­ate step away from the last few al­bums on your part? Did you di­rectly draw in­spi­ra­tion from TheBurn­ingRed at all?

“No, I think ev­ery­thing Ma­chine Head does is a happy ac­ci­dent! There’s this mis­con­cep­tion of how mu­sic is writ­ten, I think, that when you write you have this agenda. It doesn’t work like that. We didn’t try to do any­thing, it was just the melodic, groov­ing stuff that got our dicks hard.”

How was the record­ing process on this al­bum?

“Great. Ev­ery­one re­ally played their part. We started writ­ing last Septem­ber, we now re­hearse right next to SharkBite Stu­dios, where we recorded The Black­en­ing and Through The Ashes Of Em­pires, and we’d re­hearse three songs then go into the stu­dio, like 100ft away, and record what we had! They were barely fin­ished; it was like record­ing a demo, real quick, get in, get out, and the demos were al­ways awe­some. We wanted to try and cap­ture that en­ergy, that, ‘I barely know what this song is’ en­ergy. So, we did that, three times, and that is the al­bum. I want to hear that on heavy mu­sic! A guy just los­ing his mind… piss and vine­gar.”


Th e ti­tle, Cathar­sis, is very in­trigu­ing…

“There’s a line in the ti­tle track that says, ‘The only thing keep­ing me sane, the mu­sic in my veins, and if these words are my fists can you feel my cathar­sis?’ It seemed to sym­bol­ise ev­ery­thing; there’s a lot of pain and anger and frus­tra­tion and beauty and love in this al­bum, and to be able to ex­press all of that… you know, cathar­sis means cleans­ing – it makes you whole again af­ter. There are some beau­ti­ful ideas on this, and there is some ugly shit, too.”

And you’ll be sup­port­ing the al­bum with an­other run of ‘An evening with Ma­chine Head’ shows. No fes­ti­val dates then?

“Yeah, we’re self­ish. Ha ha! We’ve been do­ing fes­ti­vals for a long time, dude. I’ve been shit­ting in porta-pot­ties for 25 years, and I started to lose touch with the au­di­ence. We played huge fes­ti­vals where peo­ple just didn’t give a fuck.

So, when we de­cided to do ‘An au­di­ence with…’, we had to com­mit to it and hope peo­ple came with us. If you don’t want to come with, then thanks for com­ing this far, but it was some­thing we had to do. We’ve talked about learn­ing a new cover ev­ery night for these shows.”

CATHAR­SIS WILL LAND IN JAN­UARY VIA NU­CLEAR BLAST. Ma­chine Head tour the UK in May – see p.109 for dates

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