I’m get­ting hard time af­ter climb on hot rock girl


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Dear Krys­tal, MOST peo­ple think I’m a bit of a hardman be­cause I’m a rock climber, and I guess I am in one sense.

But I’ve been cow­er­ing un­der the blows of my mis­sus af­ter a lit­tle ‘lapse’ I had with a moun­tain lov­ing babe the other week.

A crowd of us were in the Lakes for the week­end and had loaded up the camper­vans with kit and food and stuff.

There were four cou­ples in­clud­ing me and the wife, all in our late 20s, and an­other girl who was the sis­ter of a mate.


She’s a bub­bly type, al­ways smil­ing and flirty with the lads. The women don’t seem to get on with her that much, but she’s al­ways friendly with me.

Any­way, I was sec­ond from last up this one climb, a straight­for­ward af­fair with a ‘chim­ney’ stretch about half­way up where you’re hid­den from view while you’re in it.

I was climb­ing well and reached the stretch quite quickly, the wife be­lay­ing me from be­low.

As I squeezed into the chim­ney I was shocked to find the girl there, wedged at the back and at­tached by chocks in crevices.

What stunned me was that she was show­ing her crevice through her har­ness – some­how she’d slipped one leg out of her shorts and panties.

She didn’t give me much time to think, grab­bing my free hand and guid­ing it to her moist cleft.

Then she reached down, pulled my flies open and be­gan to tug on my ‘rope’.

How I didn’t slip I’ll never know, my legs were shak­ing like crazy.

But with skill she man­aged to slide her­self onto me and we had a quickie, a re­ally rushed, heady, il­licit, dirty one – and it felt mind-blow­ing when I emp­tied my­self into her.

When done, she put her fin­ger to her lips to say I should be quiet about it, put her shorts back on and car­ried on up.

Down be­low, my wife was shout­ing if I was al­right, then saw as the girl came into view, with me all flushed just be­hind her.

Christ, she gave me such a kick­ing that night, and hasn’t stopped since.

I can’t han­dle this. What should I do?

NG, Derby Krys­tal says: BE hard, but not when that girl’s around!

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