Ars chief warns big boys about big buys


said. “But the im­por­tant thing about our model is that it’s sus­tain­able.

“If we’ve learned any­thing from the world’s eco­nomic cri­sis, it has to be that foot­ball clubs need to be re­spon­si­ble – not just for to­day, but for their own fu­tures.


“Our busi­ness model means we can con­tinue to do what we’re do­ing for­ever.

“Our fo­cus is al­ways on young play­ers. We’ve got a fan­tas­tic de­vel­op­ment sys­tem and there are young play­ers com­ing through con­sis­tently from our youth ranks. That will con­tinue to be the way Arse­nal do things.

“We play foot­ball in a cer­tain way – a lit­tle bit dif­fer­ent to ev­ery­one else – and we de­velop our team in a way that’s a lit­tle dif­fer­ent to ev­ery­body else.

“We can’t af­ford to spend £50-70mil­lion on in­di­vid­ual play­ers, but we’re proud of the way we do things and we’re proud of the re­sults that we’re able to pro­duce from that.

“There’s anx­i­ety when clubs are spend­ing that kind of money. We don’t be­lieve that’s sus­tain­able for the long term.

“It has to come to an end. UEFA agrees with us and is bring­ing in lim­its on spend­ing. We’ll con­tinue to do things the way we do them.”

Gazidis points to the suc­cess of teenage winger Alex OxladeCham­ber­lain as a case in point of how he thinks trans­fer mat­ters should be con­cluded.


Arse­nal signed the 18-yearold from Southamp­ton this sum­mer and he has im­pressed to such an ex­tent that he has an out­side chance of mak­ing Eng­land’s Euro 2012 squad.

“Arsene spends money with a view not just to the short term, but also to the long term,” Gazidis added. “Peo­ple don’t think about Alex, but we spent a lot of money on him. We be­lieve he is a young player who is an ex­cit­ing prospect.

“There are a lot of clubs in the Premier League that would love to have him, be­lieve me.”

Wenger came un­der fire from Gun­ners fans when he subbed Oxlade-cham­ber­lain in the club’s de­feat to Man United two weeks ago.

Gazidis ap­peared to give his back­ing to the French­man, how­ever, say­ing: “We have one of the great­est man­agers the world has ever seen.

“We’re in three com­pe­ti­tions this year. Man City would love to be in three com­pe­ti­tions. They’re not.”

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man to lead his club

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