Rus­sians dig up se­cret Nazi ice base in Antarc­tica

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have con­structed a still undis­cov­ered ice cave ‘ and sup­pos­edly stored sev­eral boxes of relics from the Third Re­ich, in­clud­ing Hitler’s se­cret files’.

Amaz­ingly, it is also claimed that the re­mains of Adolf Hitler and wife Eva Braun were taken to the South Pole so they could be later cloned – a ter­ri­fy­ing echo of the 1978 movie The Boys From Brazil.

The sub­mariners then went to Ar­gentina to sur­ren­der af­ter de­liv­er­ing the re­mains of the con­tro­ver­sial states­man to the frozen wilder­ness, it was claimed.

Sci­en­tists in­sisted last night that their hunt was for ne­ver­be­fore-seen or­gan­isms, which could yield clues to the ex­is­tence of life on other plan­ets.

One hope is that it will give a glimpse of con­di­tions on Jupiter’s moon Europa where water is also be­lieved to ex­ist un­der a thick ice cover.

“The dis­cov­ery of mi­cro or­gan­isms in Lake Vos­tok may mean that, per­haps, the first meet­ing with ex­trater­res­trial life could hap­pen on Europa,” said Dr Vladimir Kotlyakov, Di­rec­tor of the Ge­og­ra­phy In­sti­tute at the Rus­sian Academy of Sci­ences.

Spe­cial­ists at the Rus­sian Arc­tic and Antarc­tic Re­search In­sti­tute will now test sam­ples of water that have been sucked from the lake.

Pro­fes­sor John Priscu told us­news.com in an email that the crews had been work­ing ‘round the clock’ to fin­ish the project be­fore the Antarc­tic sum­mer ended, which meant no planes could fly from the re­mote Vos­tok Sta­tion, where tem­per­a­tures are cur­rently around mi­nus 66C.


“If they were suc­cess­ful, their ef­forts will trans­form the way we do sci­ence in Antarc­tica and pro­vide us with an en­tirely new view of what ex­ists un­der the vast Antarc­tic ice sheet,” he said.

Con­di­tions at the Vos­tok Sta­tion will soon be­come im­pos­si­ble due to the cold – on July 21, 1983, tem­per­a­tures there hit mi­nus 89.2, the low­est level ever recorded.

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