‘I fan­ta­sise about my old boss. She was hot as hell’

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I used to have a fan­tasy about mak­ing love to a for­mer boss of mine. I will men­tion no names.

She was a real ball­breaker type and didn’t take any crap, but was hot as hell. She had this amaz­ing hour­glass body with huge breasts and red hair – she looked a lot like Christina Hen­dricks. God – she just oozed sex ap­peal!

I used to sit at my desk and day­dream about her call­ing me into her of­fice and do­ing a bit of a Sharon Stone whilst sat in front of me.

She would slowly cross and un­cross her legs so I would see she was wear­ing no knick­ers and then she would reach down start play­ing with her­self and ask me to do the same.

Then I’d walk over to her and slowly un­but­ton her silk shirt and watch as her big bounc­ing breasts came tum­bling out.

I’d bend down and put my mouth around her big hard nip­ples and suck and lick them as she lay back on the desk.

It ob­vi­ously never hap­pened, but I still fan­ta­sise about her now some­times whilst do­ing it with my hubby. YOU can’t buy ex­pe­ri­ence – that’s why older woman are such fire­crack­ers in the be­d­room.

They’ve done ev­ery­thing be­tween the sheets and know what makes fel­las tick. Join us as we delve into the saucy se­crets of an­other MILF. as you get older that things like that aren’t im­por­tant.

Good sex for me is more about how you con­nect with your part­ner. Plus, as you get older you learn how to have good sex just from ex­pe­ri­ence.

If they’re good in bed then it doesn’t mat­ter how big it NAME: Alana Hen­ley AGE: 31 FROM: Bris­tol OC­CU­PA­TION: IT worker

curry FAVE FOOD: Thai green FAVE DRINK: Rum

and Coke FAVE FILM: FAVE AC­TOR: Cary Grant is. One of my ex-boyfriend’s had a 10-incher and when I first saw it I thought he was go­ing to be amaz­ing in bed. It turned out he didn’t have a clue what to do so our sex life was ap­palling.

My hus­band is about six inches and he gives me far and away the best sex of my life. Ooh crikey, this is get­ting a bit racy now. Okay, well this was a long time be­fore I be­came a wife and mum but I once did some­thing very rude on a bus with an ex-boyfriend when I was at col­lege.

We were go­ing shop­ping and the jour­ney was bor­ing, so we de­cided to have some fun.

I started to run my fin­gers up his thigh and whis­per what I wanted to do to him.

I was soon in filthy talk over­drive and he was get­ting ex­tremely ex­cited, so I put his coat over his crotch, un­zipped his jeans, put my hand into his box­ers and mas­saged him.

I didn’t want him to have messy jeans, so leant over and let him fin­ish off in my mouth. It was my birth­day last month and one of my friends bought me my first ever vi­bra­tor. It’s a Ram­pant Rab­bit and it looks fierce.

I’m ex­cited be­cause I have heard they’re even bet­ter than the real thing. Also, my ex-boyfriend bought me some vi­brat­ing panties and they were great fun. Now you’re talk­ing! I love dress­ing up for sex. I have dressed up as a witch, a sailor and a col­lege girl. It spices things up a bit and al­ways leads to bet­ter sex be­cause it’s some­thing out of the or­di­nary.

My favourite one – and my hus­band’s – is the po­lice­woman out­fit. Once he es­caped and stole my ba­ton. Let’s just say we didn’t need any vi­bra­tors that day! I like a lot of them so it’s hard to pick. I can’t think of any that don’t work for me to be hon­est. As long as I’m get­ting my fill I’m a happy bunny.

I love hav­ing sex in the wheel­bar­row po­si­tion, it’s fun and as well as hav­ing sex you get to tone your arms too. I can come a lot when I have sex in that po­si­tion.

My favourite po­si­tion is me on top in terms of the eas­i­est way for me to or­gasm, and I love to ride my man and watch his face as he watches me go.

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