AIDS OK for one per cent

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AS MANY as one in a hun­dred peo­ple have a nat­u­ral ge­netic re­sis­tance to deadly dis­eases such as malaria, lep­rosy, ebola and even AIDS!

The find­ings came af­ter re­search into an­thrax found sus­cep­ti­bil­ity to the acute dis­ease caused by the bac­te­ria var­ied from per­son to per­son.

Most forms of the dis­ease are lethal, like in the Dustin Hoffman film

How­ever, re­searchers have dis­cov­ered that sus­cep­ti­bil­ity to an­thrax toxin is ge­netic.

Among 234 peo­ple stud­ied by re­searchers at the Stan­ford Univer­sity School of Medicine in the States, the cells of three were vir­tu­ally in­sen­si­tive to the toxin.

It was also found that HIV, malaria, lep­rosy and hepati­tis re­lied on genes.

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