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5. WHICH girl band singer split from her fi­ancé this week? 6. WHAT was David Beck­ham seen wear­ing in Los An­ge­les this week? 7. WHICH Premier League man­ager got the boot this week? 8. WHAT iconic item is to make a reap­pear­ance

in the next Bond film? 9. WHY was Dis­ney­land Paris in the news this week? a) Mickey Mouse got the clap b) Min­nie Mouse is up the duff c) Don­ald Duck came out as a gay d) French peo­ple pay 60% less than Brits for tick­ets 10. HOW did Si­mon Cow­ell (right) help a worker get home for his baby’s birth? a) Di­rected him to the near­est bus stop b) Lent his pri­vate plane c) Paid for a don­key ride d) Gave him a lift

a) Mol­lie King b) Ch­eryl Cole c) Frankie Sand­ford d) Sarah Hard­ing a) A merkin b) Shin­ing ar­mour c) A Bernie Clifton os­trich d) Glasses a) Harry Redknapp b) Roberto Mancini c) Kenny Dal­glish d) Mick Mccarthy

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