‘My fella lifted up my skirt and we had a quickie’


MOUTHWA­TER­ING Missy Love has lifted the lid on her SEN­SA­TIONAL sex se­crets – con­fess­ing she once spent a whole week bonk­ing in bed!

And the brunette babe, from Glas­gow, said she loves to watch her­self get it on in the mir­ror.

Gor­geous Missy, 22, even re­vealed that she’d love a fella to dip her 32E breasts in a soapy sink be­fore a bonk in the kitchen.

The feisty glam­our babe loves a bit of nookie when she least ex­pects it – even in public chang­ing rooms.

So join us as Missy dishes the dirt on what pushes her buttons in the be­d­room. WHAT’S YOUR FAVOURITE SEX­UAL PO­SI­TION IN THE BE­D­ROOM? I en­joy spoon­ing in front of a mir­ror, so I can see ev­ery­thing that’s go­ing on.

Ba­si­cally, you lie on your side and let your man lie be­hind you in the same po­si­tion. It’s very cosy, comfy and makes for great sex. HAVE YOU EVER DONE IT WITH A GUY WHO HAD NO IDEA WHAT TO DO? Gen­er­ally I’ve had no com­plaints. Blokes usu­ally know what they’re do­ing be­cause they’ve gen­er­ally been with a lot more girls than girls have been with fel­las.

And they also watch a lot of porn so they pick up some tips from that too. DO YOU LIKE TABOO SEX? Do you mean anal? I’ve never done it and I never will. I’m too scared for a start.

Any­way, there are plenty of other things to do to keep you sex­u­ally en­ter­tained. In my opin­ion, peo­ple who do it that way are ei­ther bored or don’t like nor­mal sex. WHERE IS THE RISKI­EST PLACE YOU’VE EVER HAD SEX? It was in a shop chang­ing room. My boyfriend was try­ing on jeans and I went in to see what they looked like.

It was the men’s sec­tion as well, but I didn’t care. I went in to see them and my fella pulled me to­ward him, lifted up my skirt and we had a quickie. It was very hot!

Then af­ter we both came we heard a noise from the girl who worked there and I ran out.

She def­i­nitely knew what we were do­ing! DOES SIZE MAT­TER? Size isn’t that im­por­tant to me. It is when a guy doesn’t know what to do with it, that’s worse.

I wouldn’t want a chipo­lata though. I think girth is more im­por­tant than length. I wouldn’t want a long, thin pen­cil ei­ther! DE­SCRIBE YOUR BEST SHAG. I had a week off work and just wanted to re­lax and spend time laz­ing around in bed, but it turned into al­most a week of bonk­ing!

We only got out of bed to shower, or­der food and watch a lit­tle bit of telly. It was amaz­ing – I’ve never had so many or­gasms!

We tried loads of dif­fer­ent po­si­tions and my toys all got a good work­out. We also had plenty of sex in the shower which I love. It’s re­ally horny when the guy turns you around and you do it from be­hind while the water trick­les all over your hair and body. WHAT ARE YOUR SEX­UAL FAN­TASIES? I’ve been think­ing a lot about hav­ing sex in the woods. I’ve al­ways been quite ad­ven­tur­ous when it comes to hav­ing sex out­doors. Af­ter watch­ing I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here! I’ve be­come ob­sessed with get­ting naked in the jun­gle.

Ob­vi­ously there are no jun­gles in Glas­gow, but there is a huge lo­cal wood. I’d love to drag a man in there and give him his own “bush” tucker trial! WHAT’S YOUR FAVOURITE TYPE OF SEX? It’s got to be spon­ta­neous and pas­sion­ate. I can’t bear the thought of sex that’s ar­ranged – it’s so dull.

If he wants to sur­prise me by pulling down my knick­ers while I’m do­ing the wash­ing up and go­ing down on me, that sounds nice! In fact, I love the thought of him com­ing up be­hind me and dip­ping my boobs in the soapy water be­fore bang­ing me hard against the sink. HAS THE COLD WEATHER PUT A DAMP­ENER ON YOUR LI­BIDO? Not at all! There’s some­thing sexy about be­ing snug­gled up in­side when it’s cold and wet out­side. Stick a film on, hide un­der the du­vet and end up do­ing it on the floor!

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