My fella’s sexy sib­ling has me beg­ging for it!

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Dear Peach, I CAUGHT my fella hav­ing it away with one of his fe­male work col­leagues last week.

I got home early to find him conkers-deep in the slutty sec­re­tary on our din­ing room ta­ble.

I must ad­mit, I watched them go­ing at it for a while and even had a fid­dle with my lady bits.

But I was also re­ally pissed off and de­cided to have my re­venge.

I’ve been with my bloke for three years and I thought that the re­la­tion­ship was go­ing well. Ob­vi­ously I was mis­taken!

So I plot­ted my come­back and came up with a plan to get his sexy brother in the sack.


I’ve met the lad a few times and we al­ways get on well.

In fact, I have al­ways had my sus­pi­cions that he fan­cies me a bit.

So I or­gan­ised for him to come round one night when my boyfriend was out.

I had ev­ery­thing ready for the oc­ca­sion – can­dles, wine and a nice din­ner.

I had told him that I wanted to chat about or­gan­is­ing a sur­prise party for my fella and needed his help.

But as soon as we’d had a few glasses of vino, I knew he wouldn’t take much per­suad­ing to get his trousers off.

I moved him onto the couch and “ac­ci­den­tally” brushed his crotch with my hand.

To my de­light, I could feel that his man­hood was al­ready erect in­side his pants.

I looked him straight in the eye and said: “I’ve al­ways wanted you, big boy.”

And that was all it took. I had his cock out in sec­onds and was soon tug­ging at it like a mad woman.

He moaned as I mas­saged his balls, then peeled my skirt and panties off so he could give my love hole some at­ten­tion.

Next up was some doggy style shag­ging, fol­lowed by mis­sion­ary and then a pearl neck­lace.

It was the most amaz­ing bonk I’ve ever had and my legs were still jelly hours af­ter he had gone home.

That was the re­venge mis­sion com­pleted, but I want to dump my fella and move in with his brother in­stead. What should I do?

GV, Dorset

Peach says: Peach says: DON’T worry. It’s a com­mon oc­cur­rence when you find out you are bi­sex­ual.

Mark my words – you will be gag­ing for a throb­bing mem­ber soon enough.

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