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I hope the new and that’s THE story about the Swedish man trapped in his car for two months is amaz­ing.

Reg­u­lar readers will know I was stuck in my car when it broke down in the snow and that was only for an hour and a half. It was a bloody nightmare and I can’t tell you how glad I was to see the AA turn up.

So God knows how re­lieved this poor fella must have been when he was fi­nally found af­ter four months af­ter sur­viv­ing by eat­ing snow. He’s lucky he didn’t freeze to death! ADELE is a breath of fresh air isn’t she?

Can you re­ally see her giv­ing a sh*t that Karl Lager­feld called her ‘fat?’

She’s just picked up a shed­load of Grammy and Brit awards and is the big­gest sell­ing artist of our time.

She’s only a size 16 which is hardly obese and she’s bloody stun­ning. Who gives a f*ck if she doesn’t look like a cat­walk model?

I love Adele be­cause she doesn’t give care what peo­ple think of her. Not like all the bor­ing stars like Ch­eryl Cole and Vic­to­ria Beck­ham who look like Twiglets and are styled to within an inch of their lives.

Adele quite rightly says that she’s a pop star, not a model and she doesn’t want to be seen as sexy and skinny.

Peo­ple still buy her records be­cause she’s bloody bril­liant.

I’d love to go on a night out with Adele. She’s a bit rough round the edges be­ing a South London girl who lived above a bar­gain shop and now look at her.

She’s hav­ing the last laugh. And I love that she’s tak­ing a few years off to en­joy her suc­cess and her re­la­tion­ship with her new fella.

When she comes back peo­ple will be hun­gry to hear her new stuff and she’ll blow us all away sec­ond time round again.

Good for her. She’s like a breath of fresh air. THE Olympics com­ing to Bri­tain should be great for this coun­try.

But no, as well as pay­ing £24 bil­lion to host the games, we’ve also got to pay £10 to sit in a London park to cheer on Brit stars like Jes­sica En­nis ( on a big telly!

Se­ri­ously, I couldn’t be­lieve it when heard that. How can they charge you for sit­ting in a park?

We just get shafted ev­ery­where we turn in this coun­try. I paid a mas­sive tax bill back in Jan­uary and when you do that it makes you look for where your taxes go.

I don’t think I get much back for all the money I put in. And I’ve tried to get Olympic tick­ets and can’t get them for love nor money.

I just won­der why we are both­er­ing and why peo­ple who live in this coun­try can’t go and see the games, even in a bloody park!

It’s just sham­bolic that we’ve had to spend so much money on host­ing this and we can’t even go and watch it.

I’d love to tell David Cameron what I re­ally think of this coun­try. I also quite fancy hav­ing a good old rant about crap like this.

Jeremy Pax­man, if you’re read­ing, next time you need a glam­our girl on the show – get me on! THIS is a dif­fi­cult sub­ject for me to broach be­cause I would never con­done vi­o­lence against women.

But I can see why Natalie Cas­sidy is get­ting back with her man Adam Cot­ter­ill.

What he did was un­for­giv­able – but I can see why she is tak­ing him back.

Read­ing her talk­ing about her decision at the week­end was heart-break­ing, and I re­ally feel for her.

I think she’s a very brave girl to take him back, and be­cause she’s spent her life in the public eye, it must have been hard for her to an­swer her crit­ics.

She says that Adam has a drink prob­lem, that he’s ac­cepted this and is now in Al­co­holics Anony­mous. Fair play to him for do­ing that.

I’m a nightmare when I’m pissed. I’ll kick off with peo­ple and pick fights. But when I’m sober I’m a dif­fer­ent per­son and I feel like a right nob. So although I can’t un­der­stand what it must be like to be ad­dicted, I can see how peo­ple change with drink.

Adam has told Natalie that drink is to blame for what hap­pened and he’s promised her he’s learned and will never drink again.

It must have been so hard for her to trust him enough to give him an­other chance, but she has and I think it’s only fair that we re­spect that.

I re­ally hope for her sake that he doesn’t let her down. She de­serves to be happy. But if he does, she needs to kick him out for good. I’M very ex­cited about my new time­share!

They used to be a bit crap in the 1980s – but the deal I’ve got is great.

I’ve paid for a week ev­ery year for the next 20 years at the six star Mar­riot Ho­tel in Vil­lam­oura, Por­tu­gal.

So when I’m in my 50s I’ll still be lord­ing it round the har­bour with all the foot­ballers and WAGS.

I reckon I’ll look as young then as I do now. And I’ll still be whip­ping out my boobs on the beach too!

If that doesn’t boost tourism over there I don’t know what will.

I’M sad to say I’m feel­ing a bit poorly this week. I’ve been laid up with flu since week­end.

So sorry to my fans who tuned in to Red Light Cen­tral to see me as I’ve been off sick.

I’ll be back next week though. If you want to send me a get well mes­sage,tweet me @lin­sey_­dawn. I’m up to 22,500 fol­low­ers now.

I’M look­ing for­ward to see­ing what the new

is like.


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