Trainspot­ter has sent my sex life off the rails!

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Dear Jemma, I’VE just started see­ing a new fella and ev­ery­thing was go­ing swim­mingly un­til he revelaed his se­cret hobby.

You wouldn’t know to look at him – he’s a sexy, strap­ping lad who al­ways wears nice clothes – but he is an avid trainspot­ter.

I am a pretty de­cent catch, if I say so my­self, and usu­ally have blokes try­ing to chat me up in pubs and clubs.

But I am pretty fussy and only the fittest fel­las get to see my pert bum and 34DD boobs.

I got chat­ting to this lad in a bar and we hit it off straight away. He bought me a few drinks and we ended up back at his flat for a night of ex­treme pass­sion.

As if to put the cherry on top of the cake, he’s also huge.

I’ve had a few whop­pers in my time, but his is truly im­pres­sive and he made me cli­max about four times on that first night.

I couldn’t be­lieve my luck and won­dered why no other girl had snapped up this to­tal hunk be­fore me. I didn’t have to wait long to find out why that was. Jemma says: BLIMEY! That’s a new one on me. His hobby does sound a lit­tle sad, and the be­d­room noises are def­i­nitely weird, but if he’s as good as you say in the sack then stick with him. You can al­ways choo-choo-choose to ig­nore him!


One night we were in bed and he asked me if I wanted a bonk.

I was pretty tired but the mere thought of a leg-shak­ing or­gasm was enough and I stripped naked.

I gave him a sloppy BJ to start with, then let him plea­sure me in re­turn.

We fi­nally got down to the main event and that was when he started mak­ing train noises and say­ing thinks like: “The diesel en­gine is ap­proach­ing the sta­tion – all aboard for plea­sure!”

I in­stantly re­coiled and asked him what the hell he was do­ing.

That’s when he started sob­bing and said he loved spend­ing his spare time at rail­way sta­tions tick­ing off lo­co­mo­tives on his check­list.

I still fancy him and would cer­tainly miss his mas­sive man­hood, but I can’t bear go­ing out with a trainspot­ter. What should I do?

CV, Ha­vant

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