Midweek Sport - - SPORTS - By JES­SICA HAWORTH

WHAT’S YOUR PO­SI­TION? I would have to say it’s the mis­sion­ary. It’s al­ways nice to lie back and have a hot guy sweat­ing on top of you.

I sup­pose that makes me sound so lazy! But there are a lot of peo­ple who think the mis­sion­ary po­si­tion is bor­ing and stale. All I can say is that I love it.

FAVOURITE WHERE’S THE KINKIEST PLACE YOU’VE EVER HAD SEX? It was on the hard shoul­der of a mo­tor­way a few years back. And be­fore I tell you the de­tails, let me say that I do NOT rec­om­mend any­one pulling over onto the hard shoul­der for sex. It was a dan­ger­ous thing to do.

Any­way me and my boyfriend had had a mas­sive SIZ­ZLING Syd­ney James is just like her fa­mous ac­tor name­sake – she’s cheeky, naughty and loves a good Carry On!

Syd­ney, 22, may look sweet and in­no­cent, but when it comes down to sex, it’s fair to say she’s far from shy.

The 32F Brighton babe loves a good ses­sion in the sack with her lucky fella, and even likes ar­gu­ment, but in­stead of apol­o­gis­ing – be­cause I am quite stub­born – I told him to shut up.

I pulled the car over and gave him a good sex ses­sion in the back seat, with the haz­ard lights on. YOU SOUND LIKE QUITE A HORNY GIRL? I am. Only when I’m with my fella, though.

I reckon I see him on av­er­age three to four times a week, and we have sex ev­ery time. WHAT DO YOU LIKE DO­ING THE MOST IN THE SACK? I don’t know, that’s a hard one – no pun in­tended!

I love it all, I guess. I love the whole fore­play and build-up part, and I love kiss­ing and fum­bling un­der a romp on the side of the road. From anal sex to les­bian lov­ing, there’s noth­ing that gor­geous Syd­ney won’t open up about.

She re­vealed EX­CLU­SIVELY to her love of oral sex, spank­ing and pas­sion­ate make-up sex with her man... the cov­ers. I also love to tease my fella to the point where he’s gag­ging to get down to it.

I re­ally make-up sex as well – you know, when you’ve had a fall­ing out and then get back with a bang. I don’t know why, but it’s al­ways more ex­cit­ing. DO YOU LIKE GIV­ING BLOW JOBS? You know, not to sound like a prude, but I ac­tu­ally don’t like it that much.

There’s no real rea­son, I guess I just pre­fer to re­ceive oral. Now I’ve said it that sounds re­ally self­ish! IS THERE ANY­THING YOU WOULD REFUSE TO DO IN THE BE­D­ROOM? Prob­a­bly not. I’ve pretty much tried ev­ery­thing.

I’ve done all the po­si­tions I can think of and have heard about, and I’m no stranger to a bit of kinky fun, like us­ing hand­cuffs – and the oc­ca­sional spot of gen­tle spank­ing.

I dare­say there are some things that would turn me right off, but I’ve not gone out of my way to find out what they might be. WHAT ABOUT BUM FUN? No, I’m not into that at all.

In my present re­la­tion­ship it would prob­a­bly kill me!

How can I put this? My boyfriend is big­ger than the Sky re­mote! There’s no way that mon­ster is go­ing near my bot­tom! HAVE YOU EVER BEEN WITH AN­OTHER GIRL? Only when I’ve been out to clubs with my mates.

Lit­tle kisses, noth­ing more. Just enough to tease the lads,

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