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GRA­HAM Carter was a pri­vate with 2 Para, aged just 22, he won the Mil­i­tary Medal for his brav­ery dur­ing the bat­tle of Goose Green. I HAD joined the bat­tal­ion two days af­ter the Ar­gen­tinian in­va­sion. As we sailed down to the Falk­lands I felt anx­ious on two counts – that we were go­ing to war and that I didn’t know any­one in the com­pany.

Our first proper con­tact with the en­emy was at Goose Green. What was un­nerv­ing was that you couldn’t see any­thing be­cause it was a night at­tack.

You found your­self fall­ing into en­emy trenches and hop­ing no-one was in there.

Be­ing a new boy, my sec­tion cor­po­ral took me un­der his wing and I was with him un­til he was killed later that day.

My sec­tion com­man­der and pla­toon com­man­der were also killed, right next to me.

I was shot in the hel­met so I was inches from be­ing killed my­self, but there wasn’t much time for re­flec­tion be­cause our aim was to take the po­si­tion.

We were tak­ing trenches that still had Ar­gen­tines in them and it was hand-to-hand combat.

Most of the time you don’t know whether you’ve killed some­one or not be­cause you are at a dis­tance, but when you are in the trench you know.

If you could you would throw a gre­nade in the trench and go in shoot­ing and stab­bing.

It was the first time I’d killed some­one. I didn’t keep count and I don’t think it’s wise to keep count. You do what you need to sur­vive and ad­vance.

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