Midweek Sport - - THURSDAY APRIL 12 -

CAPRICORN (22 Dec - 19 Jan): With Pluto in Capricorn hold­ing sway in the heav­ens, you may well flat­ten the op­po­si­tion. Now, how­ever, you should be more po­lit­i­cally cor­rect and avoid any un­nec­es­sary con­fronta­tions. The Moon will also be pass­ing through your own sign dur­ing the re­main­der of the week and you in turn will ap­pear cu­ri­ously ap­peal­ing to those who you have in­flicted much dam­age on. Sweet as pie. And what has never been re­solved can now be ad­dressed. LEO (23 Jul - 22 Aug): No longer will you be so over­bur­dened or un­der pres­sure, even if you can’t take a break from work to­day. By rights, once you have tied up a few loose ends, you will be free to plan ahead and respond to those who are lit­er­ally beg­ging you to join them. True, you could still en­counter some need­less de­lays, and find that events over­lap. In re­al­ity, what hap­pens af­ter this week comes to a close may not be so pic­turesque, but your road will be far less un­even. Per­son­ally too, there will be less re­sis­tance.

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