Meet the women on the other end of the UK'S filth­i­est adult phone lines CALL GIRLS

Midweek Sport - - THURSDAY AUG 9 -

HOW about that for dirty and clean at the same time?! LOL

You see, sex doesn't get any dirt­ier then when you do it in the bum, does it?

Even if you're in a re­la­tion­ship it's still for­bid­den fruit for a lot of girls. I hate it when they say things like: "Oh, that hole's one way traf­fic only!" I mean, that's kinda gross in the first place...we don't need re­mind­ing about it's other use.

As far as I'm con­cerned, my bum is for ac­com­mo­dat­ing big hard wil­lies and any­thing else is just a bonus!

And the clean bit? Well I like to have lovely long baths and get my­self ready. I'll shave down their and be­fore I get outI'll use a fin­ger on my­self to re­lax the tigh­ness a bit. Then when I get dried off and into some nice lin­gerie I'm ready for any­thing.

I love to swap sto­ries on the phone gives me new ideas all the time!

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