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Dear Vikki,

I AM writ­ing to you be­cause I am a nine­teen year old fe­male vir­gin and I’m start­ing to feel like a freak.

What’s even worse is that my re­la­tion­ship of eleven months has just come to an end.

When I met my guy who’s also nine­teen I thought he was the one and planned to re­ally get to know each other and build up trust be­fore I gave my­self to him.

I thought we would have our whole lives to­gether so throughout our re­la­tion­ship we did not have sex, but we were in­ti­mate.

We spent a lot of time kiss­ing and tongu­ing each other which I en­joyed loads.


We would spend ages lick­ing each oth­ers lips be­fore he would dip his tongue into my mouth and mine into his which was greatly erotic.

This would al­ways make him so hard down be­low which he never men­tioned but I al­ways no­ticed.

As the weeks went by and I trusted him more we started to touch each other in­ti­mately, he would lay next to me with his trousers on and I would be wear­ing my sexy white bra and panties.

I would feel his very large man­hood out­side of his clothes and he would feel my breasts and all around my fanny.

This quickly pro­gressed on to him be­ing nude and me just top­less, which was just won­der­ful and al­most too naughty to com­pre­hend.


I got very wet as I wanked him off and saw him come for the first time, es­pe­cially as it dripped all over my hands and arm – I even licked some of it off.

Af­ter a while, I be­gan to fall in love with him, and trust him, and started to want full sex.

How­ever, at this time I found out just by chance from an­swer­ing his phone to a girl that he had ac­tu­ally shagged her only that week.

We had a huge fight and he said it was my fault for mak­ing him wait and said he didn’t love me be­cause I was too frigid.

I feel so full of re­gret that I didn’t take the chance to sleep with him while we were to­gether.

Now I’ve lost my first love and I’m still a vir­gin and I won­der if it’s my fault. It makes me so up­set when I think about it as I wanted him to be my first.

It could have hap­pened but it didn’t, be­cause of me. I made him wait so long that he ended up cheat­ing to get sex.

Now when I think about sex, I des­per­ately want to have it and make my­self have great or­gasms.

The idea of sex with just any­one scares me as I want to meet a boy I trust.

I want it so des­per­ately that I’m wor­ried I’ll sleep with the first per­son who shows me at­ten­tion yet it will mean noth­ing to them.

Emily, Not­ting­ham

Dear Emily,

IT wouldn’t do you any harm to go visit your GP and ex­plain to them what you’ve been through and ask whether you could have some coun­selling.

Some good ther­apy will straighten you out af­ter this trauma of los­ing some­one you loved af­ter spend­ing so much time nur­tur­ing the re­la­tion­ship.

It wouldn’t be good for you to go out and sleep with any­one but I also think that you shouldn’t stop go­ing out as your prince is out there some­where.

Try and for­get your ex as he showed com­plete dis­re­gard for you.

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