Mes­siah? He’s just a very naughty boy!

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I MUST have some­how missed the pre­sum­ably quite large head­lines about the Sec­ond Com­ing.

When the Mes­siah re­turned, and a grate­ful world basked in his heav­enly glow, I must have been hav­ing a dump. What? You haven’t heard ei­ther? Lo, the ver­ily Lord Baby Je­sus walks among us once more.

Or at least he would do, if only the cops would re­move them­selves from the steps of Ecuador’s em­bassy in Lon­don and Ju­lian As­sange was al­lowed to walk free.

Thanks to the likes of The Guardian lick­ing his arse, As­sange now ap­pears to be­lieve that he is in some way su­pe­rior to the rest of us.

And be­cause he helps run a web­site – which is of course a very rare thing these days – it also means he’s above the law, too.


If two women pointed the fin­ger at you or me claim­ing we’d raped them – as dread­ful as that would be – the law quite rightly means they can seek re­dress while we can protest our in­no­cence.

It doesn’t mean we can side­step the whole thing as a bit of an in­con­ve­nience.

All we know in the As­sange case is that he’s wanted for ques­tion­ing in Swe­den and he ab­so­lutely does not want to go there.

He de­nies the charges, but doesn’t want to go to Swe­den to clear his name be­cause the Amer­i­cans MIGHT be plot­ting fiendishly to pluck him out of Stockholm and lock him up in a Su­per Max prison for life. Or un­til they shoot him.

So he’s turned to Ecuador – that paragon of in­di­vid­ual free­dom – as saviour?

As­sange is not the Mes­siah. He’s not even a very naughty boy. He’s just a c***.

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