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Dear Mor­gan,

I WAS in­spired to try a shag­ging ses­sion with the mis­sus in our lo­cal park af­ter read­ing about the fun and games that students get up to in your pa­per.

They all seem to get off on hav­ing sex in pub­lic places and I thought my lovely wife might en­joy it.

We’re both in our 40s and our chil­dren have grown up and moved out, which means we’re free to ex­per­i­ment with sex again.

When I men­tioned do­ing it in the park she was a lit­tle hes­i­tant at first but soon got into the idea.


She’s re­cently shaved off her blonde underbeard and, to get us in the mood, she tried on lots of dif­fer­ent pairs of sexy knick­ers.

While she was do­ing this I had a quick ham-shank and shot my load all over her arse-cheeks and best knix.

She didn’t mind and even­tu­ally she set­tled on a pair of thigh-high black boots with a loose knee-length skirt and over­coat – and no un­der­wear at all!

It was just go­ing dark and we passed quite a few peo­ple on the walk to the park.

I sneaked my hand up my wife’s skirt and, judg­ing by her soak­ing fanny, she was as turned on as I was.

When we got to the park I sat on one of the swings and my wife got down on her knees and started giv­ing me a slow, sen­su­ous blow-job.

Then she low­ered her skirt and strad­dled me on the swing – and we man­aged to get quite a rhythm go­ing as we swung back and forth.

Over her shoul­der I caught sight of a young woman stand­ing un­der a tree watch­ing us.

So I pulled my wife’s arse-cheeks as wide apart as I could to give her a bet­ter view of my big fat cock slip­ping in and out of her.

To my sur­prise the woman hitched up her own skirt and got her hand in her knick­ers.

I was so turned on by this I quickly spent my load deep into my wife’s drip­ping pussy.

That’s when my wife also spot­ted the young woman and de­cided to give her a real show by bend­ing over the slide and slowly fin­ger­ing her­self.

I thought she’d stop when the woman came over, but in­stead she told her to get her tongue in.

It was a fan­tas­tic sight, but when I took a closer look at the young woman’s face I re­alised it was our son’s lat­est girl­friend!

Now I’m wor­ried she’ll tell our lad what we were up to.

AL, Glouces­ter­shire

Mor­gan says:

WHY worry? He might be proud of you for hav­ing a shag in the park at your age. EMAIL: agony@sun­daysport.co.

uk OR MAIL TO: Agony, Sun­day Sport, City View House, 5 Union Street, Ard­wick, Manch­ester,

M12 4JD AS a pick-me-up af­ter split­ting with my fella, I went with my sis­ter to a club where there was a male strip­per on.

Af­ter the show all the other girls lined up to get a pic­ture with the hunk.

I took my turn in line and as I sat on his lap I felt his hard cock press­ing against my bum. I slipped him my phone num­ber and told him to call when he’d fin­ished.

Half-an-hour later he was knock­ing at my door and I an­swered it in noth­ing but my bra and knick­ers.

He was on me like a fox on a rab­bit and bowled me over quickly onto my knees be­fore thrust­ing his tool into my ea­ger mouth.

I sucked on him greed­ily, bring­ing him to the brink be­fore of­fer­ing him my sop­ping pussy.

But he seemed more in­ter­ested in his own plea­sure than mine and with­drew af­ter spurt­ing his stuff.

I found out later that my sis­ter had also given him her num­ber and he’d gone from my place to hers.

Now I feel like a tramp. Is this right?

Mor­gan says:

I’M a 20-year-old bloke and the other day when I was try­ing to copy Bradley Wig­gins, I was knocked off my bike.

I wasn’t badly hurt, just stunned, and a Good Sa­mar­i­tan helped me up off the road.

I quickly re­alised what a stunna she was – in her mid-30s with the cutest fig­ure.

Her first words were: “You poor thing. Fancy a brew to help you re­cover?”

Her flat was nearby and two min­utes af­ter she dis­ap­peared into the kitchen to make a cuppa she re­turned top­less! She sat me on the sofa, placed her hand on my grow­ing bulge, ex­pertly set my knob free and got to work with her lus­cious lips. Then she de­manded: “Shag me doggy-style.”

I needed no fur­ther in­vi­ta­tion and rammed her good and hard un­til we both cli­maxed.

Now I call round ev­ery night, but my mum’s sus­pi­cious. Should I tell her?

BW, Lancs

Mor­gan says:

NO. Just carry on rid­ing two bikes in one day!

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