I slept with my best pal’s fi­ance

Midweek Sport - - THURSDAY AUGUST 23 -

Dear Mor­gan,

I’VE known for some time that my best friend’s fi­ancé is a cheat­ing tosser who’s slept with at least three other girls since they got en­gaged.

The rea­son I know that is be­cause one of them was me!

Over Christ­mas I was work­ing in the Ca­naries with two girls from the same col­lege as me.

My best pal didn’t man­age to get a job at the same place and so she was stuck back at home.

We ran into this bloke, a cocky sod who talked me into bed al­most be­fore I knew what was hap­pen­ing.

He had a fab­u­lous body and was a great shag. It was only later, of course, that I learned from my pals that they’d both been talked into a rum­ble un­der the sheets by this fella too!

When I got home I rang my friend to tell her all the tales.

I hadn’t seen her for a few months so she in­vited me to her flat at uni for the week­end and she told me she had “some­thing spe­cial” to tell me.

I walked in and who should be sit­ting there but Mr Lover Boy him­self! My friend blushed and in­tro­duced him as the guy she’d been se­cretly en­gaged to since last au­tumn.

Do I tell her that I shagged him over Christ­mas and that he’ll hump any­thing that moves?

Mor­gan says:

DW, South Lon­don TELL her right now. It may be painful but she should know he’s a cheat and you can’t be blamed if he be­haves like an alley-cat.

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