There’ll be loads more of this NU­DITY!


Frank’s daugh­ter Fiona, played by gor­geous Anne Marie Duff, 41, gave her fella Steve the ride of his life on the kitchen floor and now she’s mar­ried to James McAvoy who played him in real life too.


Randy Veronica, played by Max­ine Peake, 38, stripped to for a spot of top­less iron­ing when her char­ac­ter got a job as a we­b­cam babe.

Frank’s ex-wife Mon­ica, played by Annabelle Ap­sion, 49, did a full frontal nude scene in the show to show Frank what he was miss­ing.

Prim li­brar­ian Libby Cro­ker, aka Fa­ther Ted’s Mrs Doyle ac­tress Pauline McG­lynn, 50, stunned the fans when she whipped up her top to re­veal her boobs and en­joyed doggy style sex with Frank.

And Karen McGuire, played by Re­becca Atkin­son, 29, showed her perky pair as she lay back in the bath in a bid to se­duce Frank and en­joyed a lesbo snog with Jez, land­lady from The Jockey, played by Lind­sey Daw­son.

Max­ine Donnelly, played by Joanna Higson, 29, flashed her curvy fig­ure when she stripped for a love scene with Carl – who got an eye­ful when he walked in on Anna (Sa­man­tha Robin­son) romp­ing with his brother.

Fi­nally there’s gor­geous Sarah Byrne, who played shop­worker Meena Karib, and whipped off her sil­ver bikini to un­leash her boobs.

A Chan­nel 4 source said: “With all this top­less ac­tion on the es­tate, it’s no won­der Frank doesn’t want to get a job!”

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