Sav­age death fear as plane hit by big bird

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FOOTBALL pun­dit Rob­bie Sav­age says he nearly DIED in a har­row­ing plane crash.

The for­mer Wales in­ter­na­tional and BBC1 pre­sen­ter says he al­most carked it on a re­cent trip to Africa.

The 38-year-old said: “I have a fear of fly­ing, so when I was away in Kenya last week my heart sank when the air­port was a shack next to a muddy run­way and the air­craft was like a lawn­mower with wings!

“As we were lift­ing off, I had the fright of my life when there was a huge bang and the plane shud­dered.

“Luck­ily, the pi­lot kept in con­trol and we con­tin­ued on our way.

“Once I’d changed my trousers I was told a big bird called a Glossy Ibis had smashed into the un­der­car­riage.

“We sur­vived, but there was noth­ing left of beaky!” HOW about this for an un­be­liev­able story – the French are ac­tu­ally start­ing to LIKE British food!

Now it’s al­ways got on my nerves just how snobby our ‘friends’ across the Chan­nel can be when it comes to brag­ging about their su­pe­rior cui­sine and knock­ing us Brits for lov­ing pies and fish ’n chips. Mind you, I must ad­mit I have to be care­ful about what I eat to make sure I stay in de­cent nick – and I hope you’ll agree I’m look­ing pretty tasty be­cause of it!

I’ve told my boyfriend it’s time he treated me to some food heaven – but I must ad­mit I dropped the hint that I’d pre­fer the set­ting to be the Eif­fel Tower rather than our great British favourite at Black­pool!

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